AI dispatching system
Product Presentation
Data drives intelligent bus dispatching, automatic planning, intelligent scheduling, dynamic adjustment, and achieve digital, intelligent, refined scheduling. Based on the history of passenger flow OD, one-way travel time data and change rule, automatically generating traffic assignment plan. To dispatch the buses in real-time according to the dynamic OD passenger flow, which will balance shift interval management, process road congestion, vehicle failure, large interval of all sorts of abnormal events, and improve the public transport resource efficiency and management efficiency.
Product Architecture
Functional Orientation
Scheduling Plan
Dynamic Monitoring
Shift Plan
Dynamic Dispatching
Emergency Dispatch
Safety Awareness
Service Supervision
Data Analysis Decision
Product Advantage
Intellectual Scheduling: Computer statistics replaces manual statistics, which reduces the work of dispatching personnel and management personnel, schedules vehicles properly, improves the utilization rate of vehicles, ensures effective operation mileage, and saves 40% of dispatching operation labor cost.
Dynamic Dispatching: Dynamically dispatch bus resources, reasonably improve the punctuality rate of vehicles, reduce the long distance between vehicles, ensure the frequency of departure, and improve the service level and public satisfaction.
Analysis and Decision:With the help of high-quality and multi-dimensional data, bus enterprises can analyse scheduling and problem data, and then effectively improve production process and efficiency, and improve safety and service quality.
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