Vehicle Safety Supervision Platform
Product Presentation
The vehicle safety supervision platform analyzes the causes of driving accidents. It realizes the whole process, the whole scene security event perception, analysis, decision and assessment through satellite positioning, Internet of Things, AI analysis, radar communication and other technologies, so as to improve the safety management efficiency of enterprises and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.
Product Architecture
Product Advantage
Foresight warning capability:Including forward collision warning, lane departure warning and other intelligent algorithms, with which the driver can aware of the danger in advance, and the comfort and safety of car driving can be increased as well.
Fatigue warning capability: Collect drivers' facial features to analyse unsafe driving behaviors , and timely remind drivers, to achieve active safe driving.
Emergency analysis capability: :Through the monitoring of vehicle CAN data, the three urgent driving behaviors of rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration and sharp turning can be monitored.
Data cloud storage: Support data upload cloud storage, offline data storage, hd video online play, real-time update of alarm data, and provide mobile APP functions to meet the requirements of mobile office and monitoring.
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