Municipal Vehicle Supervision Platform
Product Presentation
According to the pain points of municipal supervision on various violations of vehicles, the municipal intelligent vehicle supervision platform realizes the standardized management of the city's construction waste industry links by means of data monitoring, smart office, and smart car control through vehicle positioning technology + Iot sensor + big data analysis.
Product Architecture
Product Advantage
Data visualization: More intuitive understanding of the basic situation of the city's construction waste industry, including the city's transport capacity, vehicle alarm, and certificate handling.
Smart office: Unified management can be carried out on the approval, permission and filing of the managed objects of "vehicle and road field", and the approval process can be customized to realize the pre-restriction by combining data such as violation and assessment.
Track playback: Query history video, and support a variety of code stream query, as well as all channel query.
Intelligent car control: Support remote control of the vehicle, such as lock, speed limit, lift limit and other instructions, as well as all kinds of text, like documents, certificates and fence information, and assist the management department to effectively manage the vehicles via intelligent terminals .
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