Vehicle-road Cooperation System
Product Presentation
Bus priority vehicle road Cooperation system is a system with advanced technology of wireless communication and new generation of Internet to implement all-rounded vehicle-road dynamic real-time information interaction, and to realise vehicle active priority control on the basis of entire space-time dynamic traffic information collection and integration, and to fully realize the effective coordination between people, vehicles and roads, and improve the efficiency of public transport.
Product Architecture
Functional Orientation
Road flow perception and monitoring
Passenger flow perception and monitoring
Intelligent control of intersection signal
Bus on-board dynamic guidance
Bus priority system operation evaluation
Product Advantage
Accurate flow perception: Accurate perception analysis of people, vehicles and road flow can alleviate urban congestion, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and improve public transport efficiency and travel sharing rate.
Strong data collection function: RFID, AI camera and other sensors can be integrated, and has the advantages of long detection range, high resolution, and wide viewing Angle.
Low cost, high value: Cost-effective solutions, the investment cost can be saved by 60% , people's travel time can be shortened by more than 10%.
Application Scenarios
Public Transportation
Fire Emergency
Medical Emergency
Rapid Commuting Service
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