Passenger Flow OD System
Product Presentation
Using big data algorithm model, the big data platform of passenger flow analysis can analyze the on and down passenger flow accurately. The data center can synchronously calculate the dynamic data of the number of people at different stations, which provides the transport enterprises and industry with data support to enssure the scientific management, rational allocation of capacity and dynamic scheduling.
Product Architecture
Functional Orientation
Visualization of passenger flow OD analysis
Potential passenger flow corridor analysis
Efficiency diagnoses and evaluation
Dispathcing and capacity allocation recommendations
Product Advantage
Low cost: The system constructs passenger flow OD model through the data of satellite positioning, ticketing, dispatching, and mobile collection signaling to avoid repeated investment of equipment.
High value: Use data to drive the fine management and high-quality service of public transport enterprises, ensure the rationalization of transport capacity allocation, increase passenger flow by 1%-2%, improve the efficiency of public transport resource use by 10%, guarantee the effective operating distance, and provide data support for the establishment and acceptance of public transport cities.
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