Big Data Analysis System
Product Presentation
Big data analysis platform of transport network is based on Internet multi-source data to analyse the present situation and problem of transport network, and analyse urban residents’ travel characteristics (travel direction, travel time, travel frequency) according to the Internet travel OD data. Combined with bus network and OD, the platform will analyze whether the supply and demand of bus network matches the passenger flow capacity or not, and provides data support and decision-making basis for route optimization, resource optimization and service optimization.
Product Architecture
Functional Orientation
Hierarchical network management
Characteristic analysis of travel network
Optimization analysis of transport network
Analysis of transport network evaluation report
Product Advantage
Big data intelligent diagnosis: It can make an all-roud data diagnosis to the city transport network, guide the bus network adjustment, make up for the bus vacancy, and improve the bus coverage and service level.
Multidimensional travel feature analysis: The time and space analysis which is based on the data source of public transportation can master the all-day passenger flow rule of public transportation, and provide data support for optimizing the network and operation organization reasonably.
Dynamic adjustment of supply and demand: With Internet travel data, residents’ travel characteristics can be figure out quickly. On the basis of Internet data and bus travel data, the system assists enterprises to quickly find the reason why the bus supply is less than needs, and assist the line planner to formulate the adjustment plan.
Plan the transport network scientifically: Based on the calculation of bus data, the passenger flow load of each section in the region can be displayed on the map, so as to figure out the main distribution sections of passenger flow and assist in identifying urban main roads, so as to realize the coordination of transport capacity and traffic network.
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