Business -Finance Collaborative System
Product Presentation
Business -Finance Collaborative System, namely, business-finance integration, is a system that realizes intelligent data collection, digitalization of business processes and online organization through big data, Internet and Internet of Things technologies.
Product Architecture
Functional Orientation
HR Management
Process engine
Cost intelligent accounting
Revenue intelligent accounting
Mechanical management
Security management
Data collection
Data interface
Financial analysis and decision
Product Advantage
Efficient data aggregation:Establish the relationship between business and financial data, standardize the business process, realize the timing synchronization of business and financial data, and provide the best decision time for the management.
Data standard specification: :Unify the statistical standard of finance and business, intelligentize the costs regulation accounting, and help bus enterprises optimize the way of getting government subsidies.
Accurate data: Realize the synchronization, homology and unification of business data and financial data. When business data is generated, corresponding financial data can be generated. The management can check business and financial data at any time to improve decision efficiency.
Mobile production management: The public transportation organization can be online, mobile and digitalized in stages.
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