Jiaoyun Tong APP
Case Presentation
The MaaS travel platform built by City Card Company has achieved significant results, Jiaoyun Tong APP has provided travel services for 6.7 billion trips, covering 32 cities and connecting more than 400 cities, serving more than 10 million users.
Su e Xing APP
Case Presentation
Su E Xing covers bus, rail, online ride-hailing, bike sharing and train ticketing, and has issued 4 million digital tickets, 2.8 million points consumption and 500,000 green travel rights exchange.
Changsha Shared Parking Platform
Case Presentation
The parking lot has been improved entirely, and transformed into intelligent online management. The parking lots where were difficult to park, now can help surrounding hospitals increase income and share the traffic.The parking space turnover rate increased by 25%, waiting time decreased by 20%, revenue increased by 25%, and management efficiency increased by 20%
Reduced by 20%
Parking space
turnover rate
Increased by 25%
Increased by 25%
Increased by 20%
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